Adrenaline Rush

Obstacle Course

Inflatable Interactive Game

The ADRENALINE RUSH OBSTACLE COURSE will have every kid ready to race, challenge, and add some thrill to your party or event. The 40' Dual Lane Adrenaline Rush sends participants through the obstacles, up the wall and down the slide. 

40ft x 25ft space needed.

$300 = All Day!

Five Player

Wrecking Ball

Inflatable Interactive Game

The 5 PLAYER WRECKING BALL gives players the chance to battle against each other to see who can stay on the platform the longest. 4 players will each have a wrecking ball and be throwing at the player who is in the middle. Whoever can knock the player off gets to be the new king of the hill.

30ft x 30ft space needed.

$250 = All Day!

High Velocity

Obstacle Course

With Double Slide

Inflatable Interactive Game

The HIGH VELOCITY OBSTACLE COURSE WITH DOUBLE SLIDE is 75ft long making it perfect for kids to have fun racing through it and then up and down the High Velocity Double Water Slide for the ultimate inflatable experience.

85ft x 25ft space needed.

$500 = All Day!

High Velocity

Obstacle Course

Inflatable Interactive Game

35ft HIGH-VELOCITY DOUBLE LANE OBSTACLE COURSE is ready to be the highlight of your party. Kids will love racing through the bright colored obstacle course. But who is the fastest? You can also upgrade and combine our this with the HIGH-VELOCITY WATER SLIDE for the ultimate experience.

40ft x 20ft space needed.

$250 = All Day!


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